Wine for Christmas : taste our old vintages !

Christmas is approaching ! For this occasion, we propose you an exceptional sale of our old vintages !

For each vintage, we keep a few bottles to age them. These long-keeping wines have been kept at the winery, in the darkness of our cellar.
Over the years, the wine blossoms, full of elegance. The aromatic diversity upgrades, tannins acquire finesse and the length in the mouth is amplified : the magic of time happens and express subtle balances.


Vintages to discover :

bouteilles de vins vente vieux millésimes

Carra Red, AOC Pic Saint-Loup. Available old vintages : 2014 – 2017 -2018

Les Pierres d’Argent White, AOC Languedoc. Available old vintages : 2012

Les Nobles Pierres Red, AOC Pic Saint-Loup. Available old vintages : 2011 – 2013 -2014


As a gift… or to enjoy with the Christmas meal !

It is a rare and unique idea of gift for wine lovers, but it is also an idea of wine to pair with festive meals. These cuvees pair well with rich and gourmet meals : Carra can be served with a porcini mushroom lamb, Les Pierres d’Argent is ideal with a Bresse chicken with cream and morels while Les Nobles Pierres can accompanied a beef with Madeira sauce.

Bottles are preciously packed in specific wine packagings. You can mix the cuves in your order and shipping fees are offered for any purchase above 250 €.

This is a temporary sale ! Cuvees are in sale until January, 4th 2022 – limited stock.

You can find our cuvees in our eshop here


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