Wild, sensory and inspiring, the garrigue that surrounds us is our muse. With these wines, we seek to transcribe all the subtelty and the richness of this terroir, so dear to our family.

Nos cuvées Garrigue en AOC Languedoc


Carra, which means stone, is the pre-Roman origin of the word garrigue. This cuvee is a tribute to the calcareous stone of our terroir that gives its typicality and its originality to our wine.

Bouteille de Carra, vin du pic-saint-loup

Les Pierres d'Argent

This cuvée pays tribute to a terroir where, at the end of Summer, after the first raindrops, white pebbles take nice silver reflections : something that only nature can provide.

notre cuvée Les Pierres d'Argent, vin blanc du Languedoc

Les Nobles Pierres

In this cuvée, terroir and time are kings. It is throught an atypical and exceptionnal soil, magnified by a long aging, that this wine wins its spurs.

notre cuvée les Nobles Pierres, en Pic Saint-Loup

Les Secrets

We are endlessly looking for quality and, above all, the finest expression of the terroir. This search has led us to distinguish three plots with identifying features. These confidential cuvee trio admirably express three distinctive and unique terroirs.

Bouteilles Les Secrets, vins en AOP Pic Saint-Loup

Domaine Cavalier

Domaine Cavalier is located within the Château de Lascaux vineyards, all around a Cévenol traditional house. The blend of grape varieties of this wine allows to obtain a unique identity while letting the terroir express itself.

domaine cavalier vins saint-guilhem-le-désert


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