Harvest 2021 Diary

After a year with an hectic climate, we have harvested from the end of August until last October, the 10th and are now ending the winemaking. Jean-Benoît speaks about the harvest 2021 and presents you the specificities of this atypical vintage.

Video (French) : Lien vidéo présentation millésime 2021


Text : 
” This vintage can be qualified as precious for several reasons. First, because it is a small harvest, which is linked to the April frost. Then, it is a precious vintage in its expression, because of an atypical climate, compared to what we have had last years. A summer without too much heat, marked by cool, even cold nights, particularly during the harvest. We had lots of mornings at 6-7 degrees in the vineyards during the harvest.
This cool, perhaps cold aspect impacts the vintage in its aromatic expression. We have got garrigue, spices, even lemony expressions for some of our vats. Then, a smooth, fresh and sharp balance. This is an atypical expression, even if freshness is a part of Pic Saint-Loup wines.
Harvest 2021 has needed committed people. This vintage has put to the test men and women during seven weeks of harvest.”


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