Harvest of the 2023 vintage

The first grapes of the 2023 vintage were harvested on the night of Thursday August 24. The completion of a whole year’s work, we are now two-thirds through the harvest.

Optimal climatic conditions

The climatic conditions of spring and early summer were optimal for the maturity of the grapes in terms of quantity of rain and thermal range, with cooler nights.

The heat that accompanied the end of summer accelerated the ripening process of the grapes, however we managed to harvest with low temperatures thanks to the coolness of the night (around 10 degrees in recent days).

The rains of recent days have been very beneficial. They make it possible to restart the metabolism of the plant and will help the remaining grape varieties – Grenache and Mourvèdre – to reach optimal maturity. The first juices of the 2023 vintage already have very good color intensity.

Immersion in the heart of the harvest

During this harvest period, we welcome you for a guided tour of the estate. The opportunity to witness the excitement of the harvest and the different stages that constitute the production of our vintages.

Find all the information to visit us here. Duration of the visit and tasting: approximately 1h30. By reservation by telephone on 04 67 59 00 08 or by email at info@chateau-lascaux.com

Vendanges 2023 Château De Lascaux



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