Harvest 2022 Diary

Our harvest took place from the end of August until October 6th. The vinification now finished, Jean-Benoît comes back to the climatic conditions and presents the characteristics of the 2022 vintage.

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“[the vintage] 2022 is not completely finished because the last devatting will take place tomorrow. The harvest started very early. On August 23th, the first grapes were cut and we finished about ten days ago. Increasingly long harvest, in the characteristic of the last vintages.The vintage is more and more atypical.

After fairly satisfactory autumn rains with good water reserves, a spring that was a little wet but very quickly the drought arrived. From June, [we had no more] rain, no more rain in July, until August 15 when the first storms came to revive the life of the soil but also the ripening of the grapes.

The other particularity of this vintage, beyond the great period of drought, is also the high temperatures. From the first days of June, very high temperatures and which ended only after August 15. After good autumn and winter water reserves, a rather dry spring and a very dry and very hot summer. These are the somewhat key elements of this vintage concerning the weather; the rains that arrived after August 15 were able to restart ripening.

The characteristics of this vintage on the wines, we guess them now. The wines are just ending but we are already getting to see some trends. On the whites, rather fresh and quite lively with a very present minerality which is quite surprising for this vintage which we saw as rather warm. Regarding the reds, we are on a rather spicy character, garrigue. A fairly classic element of our wines, which perhaps this year will be a little more important in the aromatic balance of the wines.”


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