Nos vins notés par l’équipe de Jancis Robinson !

Nous avons eu le plaisir de faire déguster nos cuvées à Tamlyn Currin, dégustratrice spécialisée « Languedoc » au sein de l’équipe de Jancis Robinson.

Merci à Tamlyn pour ces notes et précieux commentaires de dégustation :

Garrigue Blanc 2020, AOC Languedoc : 16.5+/20
 » Smells of sliced lemons and creamy oatmeal with a crunch of seeds. Wonderfully incisive acidity strikes first, right to the heart of the wine, rippling out widening circles of silvery florals, crystal-cut citrus, salt and almond. Bracing, exciting, with the wing-shimmer of a dragonfly over wide sunlit water. This should develop a little over the next couple of years, picking up some Vermentino peaches and Grenache Blanc toasted grain en route. So much purity and vivacity. Languedoc white at its most alive. « 

Garrigue Rouge 2020, AOC Languedoc : 16/20
 » Leafy, coffee-bean- and pine-scented fruit with a strong twist of bitter-orange acidity and white pepper. Very cool and fresh and massively mouth-watering. Dark plums. Lovely balance. Muscled and lightly gymnastic. « 

Garrigue Plus Que Nature 2020, AOC Languedoc : 15.5/20
 » Much more animal on the nose than their sulphites-added Garrigue. Robustly fruity – in fact it seems more intensely fruity than their standard Garrigue cuvée. But it also tastes a little more raw, as if the edges had been rough hewn and not polished or finished off. I’d drink this sooner rather than later. « 

Carra 2019, AOC Pic Saint-Loup : 16/20
 » Herbs and caraway over black coffee and burnt cherry-jam. Lavender fragrance, wrinkled-plum sweetness and black-olive tapenade flavours fill the mouth; dry tannins wrestle with the fruit; dusty earthiness. A little wild edginess. Rugged. Needs food – I could imagine this with some succulent herb-roasted lamb. « 

Les Pierres d’Argent 2015, AOC Languedoc : 16.5/20
 » Spicy nose! Smells like lemon-curd balls rolled in aniseed and green cardamom. And yellow guavas. Creamy yellow flowers, pears, very silky texture. This is lovely right now, but I wouldn’t hold onto it for too much longer. That fruit has unfurled and now the structure and definition are starting to gently fade.  « 

Les Nobles Pierres 2017, AOC Pic Saint-Loup : 16/20
 » Pure game, blood and game droppings on the nose! Decant! This is wild Pic Syrah. A stallion of a wine. Probably untameable. Big tannins, coffee beans, leather and leathery damson fruit. But with a hearty stew, you won’t notice. 

Les Secrets Bois de Tourtourel 2011, AOC Pic Saint-Loup : 17/20.
 » NHB!!! Not very organic. Marmite, soy, dried figs and tapenade. Salty. Carries a massive charge of concentration and umami. Cigar and crackling-copper-leafed autumnal tones. Tastes like forest mushrooms sautéed in butter and brown miso. The tannins run through the wine like fine copper wires through taffeta fabric. Showing beautiful development (and again, reminding me how wonderfully good Languedoc wines age). Was superb with the very intense, creamy-sharp-salty Cerne Abbas cheddar. « 


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